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presidenten 2We are happy to welcome you to this website. It will allow you to discover the work of EEB (the Baptiste Church - Eglise Evangelique Baptiste) in the Centralafrican



EEB is one of the churches who works in the Centralafrican Republique and in certain parts of eastern Cameroun. EEB was founded by missionaries through Örebromissionen. The first missionaries arrived in 1923 in Bania, a village situated 50 kilometers south of Berberati, through the river Sangha north of Kongo Brazzaville. This mission is today named InterAct after a fusion with two other missions in Sweden in 1997.


The headquarter of EEB is situated in Berberati, a city 600 kilometers west of Bangui (Capital of RCA). The vision is "Go out in all of the world, Centralafrica and elsewhere and train disciples". The mission integrate evangelisation, discipleship, social wellbeing through healthcare, education and development of the community. The principal values are:  Unity in faith, a life wih disciplin as role models, responsible administrators in all areas, a spirit of creativity and innovation, participating leaders at all levels and mutuality in partnership and well defined partnership.


We will give thanks to our sister Elisabeth HERMANSSON for the realization of this site for the purpose of showing the work that EEB is doing to increase the Kingdom of God.







« Tout pouvoir m’a été donné dans le ciel et sur la terre. Allez, faites de toutes les nations des disciples, les baptisant au nom de Père, du Fils et du Saint-Esprit et enseignez-leur à observer tout ce que je vous ai prescrit. Et voici, je suis avec vous tous les jours, jusqu’à la fin du monde. »


Matt 28 :18-20


« A mou na Mbi ngangou kouè na yayou na sessé. Tonga so i gouè, i fa tèné na amara kouè si ala ga adisciple, i baptisé ala na iri ti Baba, na ti Melèngué, na ti Yingo Voulou; i fa na ala ti bata yé kouè so Mbi commandé i. Na ba, Mbi yèké na i la’ kouè, même juska na nda ti ngoy so. »


Matt 28 :18-20 (Sango)

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