Eglise Evangelique Baptiste





Every two years the members of EEB are gathered for one week to choose members of the office, the Executif Council and the different organs within EEB.


The office of EEB consists of the president, the vice president the first and second secretary. The "Office" together with the accountant at the headquarter form the Administration Council.


There are sixteen councils, each with a mandat of two years with a possiblity to be re-elected.


Furthermore there are "auditors" who pay a visit to each institution who receive contributions from InterAct, to verify all financial reports. They report to the Financial Council which report to the Executif Council.


The Executif Council meets at least three times a year. The other councils have meetings before the Executif Council meets to prepare proposals to the Executif Council for decision. The decided actions are after that to be implemented.






« Tout pouvoir m’a été donné dans le ciel et sur la terre. Allez, faites de toutes les nations des disciples, les baptisant au nom de Père, du Fils et du Saint-Esprit et enseignez-leur à observer tout ce que je vous ai prescrit. Et voici, je suis avec vous tous les jours, jusqu’à la fin du monde. »


Matt 28 :18-20


« A mou na Mbi ngangou kouè na yayou na sessé. Tonga so i gouè, i fa tèné na amara kouè si ala ga adisciple, i baptisé ala na iri ti Baba, na ti Melèngué, na ti Yingo Voulou; i fa na ala ti bata yé kouè so Mbi commandé i. Na ba, Mbi yèké na i la’ kouè, même juska na nda ti ngoy so. »


Matt 28 :18-20 (Sango)

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